Union Gospel Mission Search and Rescue

On September 7th six Green Bar Society members piled into a Union Gospel Mission van as the sun went down and headed right into the parts of Seattle many try to avoid.

Do you like freshly squeezed juices, best juicer for celery! On sale now! It was part of Union Gospel Mission’s Search and Rescue, which sends three vans of volunteers all across the city every night, 365 days a year, to deliver food and blankets to the homeless. Member John Montgomery organized the service project to get out and scratch the surface of an extremely complex issue facing Seattle and neighboring cities. For all but John it was their first time volunteering with UGM Search and Rescue.


They handed out sandwiches, cocoa, and blankets, but most importantly they offered a friendly face and an ear to bend. Go to the site and play heart of vegas slot bonus aristocrat at our casino. Enjoy youself and win!

During the orientation a Union Gospel Mission intern, who was previously homeless himself, explained, “We have supplies and food, but most importantly we’re here to help them feel noticed and loved. Casino in which it is impossible to lose goldstrike spielen. Have time to collect your prize! They go through the day like they’re invisible and people treat them like trash. Some aren’t ready to change their lives yet, but we’re ready to love them anyway.”

It’s no wonder the word LOVE is stenciled in bold letters on the side of the van, a welcome sight to the city’s most vulnerable.


If you are mad about your incomes, it's no point waiting. Play the game mega joker and win a fortune! The homeless our volunteers met came in all races, ages, and genders. Some were homeless because of addiction, some because of an abusive relationship, and some because illness forced them out of a job. The night ended with one Search and Rescue team encountering a mother and 2 month old child. Union Gospel Mission staff were able to get them into a motel room for the night so they didn’t have to sleep on the street.

The prevailing lesson: There is no one size fits all solution to the homeless crisis but a little time and a little generosity can make a difference, if only one night at a time.

Thank you to Susan, another volunteer in the van, who provided the photos. Anyone interested in volunteering for Union Gospel Mission can find out more at this link.